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Dr. Jared Aguilar and his team helped me heal and regain mobility and strength after surgery to repair a torn bicep tendon. Highly recommended.

Chris B.

Worked with Dr. Jared Aguilar to address the issues associated with my neck. He listened to my problems and devised a plan to address my problem. I followed the plan and it was successful. My neck is feeling much better. He did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Dr. Jared to solve your issue!

Vernon G.

My best experience with physical therapy. Dr. Jared really listened to me and tailored my regimen for my specific problem and what I wanted to improve.

Becky W.

Dr. Jared Aguilar is the best. Kind, compassionate, and caring. Maybe most of all Dr. Aguilar’s sense of humor helped me push through the exercises that I found challenging. I can’t thank him enough.

Nancy W.

Jared is an outstanding health professional! He was most helpful with my physical therapy needs. He taught me the exercises that I needed to eliminate the episodes of dizziness that I was experiencing as a result of a middle ear infection. I would not hesitate to return to his care and I would highly recommend him to other patients!

Victor T.

I just finished PT for a TBI and knee injury under the guidance of Jared Aguilar, PT, DPT and it was a great experience. He spent quality time assessing my injury, giving me tools to recover, and managing my pain. I never felt rushed and the vibe is very lighthearted. 5 stars!

Ryan T.

Dr. Jared Aguilar is excellent at what he does. Dr. Aguilar quickly diagnosed the problem and developed an individualized treatment plan that quickly resolved the pain I was having.

Ivette G.

Dr. Jared gave helpful guidance, and my knee felt normal after a month of following the prescribed exercises.

Greg G.

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