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Body tempering (BT) is a form of soft tissue mobilization performed by rolling weighted cylinders across muscles and joints. Think of this as intense foam rolling. Just like foam rolling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools, etc., BT does a great job of improving mobility. 

How do we accomplish more intensity without pain? By utilizing different loads with body tempering based on the body part, we are working on, we can get an area loaded so that the athlete feels significant pressure without being painful. From there, body temper that muscle/joint/area for 1-2 minutes.

Because most BT devices are weighted (from 22 – 200 lbs.), you would think this would be painful, but the large surface area of the cylinders disperses the pressure. In contrast, when I see many other manual therapists pressing into a muscle with their hands has less total weight behind it. Still, a smaller surface area, making it frequently more uncomfortable.

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