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Telehealth physical therapy online is not only possible, it is also an effective form of online telemedicine treatments that can help you reduce pain or recover from injury at home. Especially during this time of social distancing due to COVID-19, you can contact Dr. Jared to learn the most-important stretches, exercises, and self-treatment techniques to increase mobility, decrease pain, and keep you living the active lifestyle you desire.



Skilled manual therapists can make immediate improvements to your range of motion and reduce your pain. As a result, their treatments can also create an opportunity for greater mobility, strength gains, and healing response.

Definition of Manual Therapy: The “application of an accurately determined and specifically directed manual force to the body, in order to improve mobility in areas that are restricted; in joints, in connective tissues or in skeletal muscles.” 



Therapeutic exercise is an integral piece of our practice and the results you will get with our treatment. While our manual therapy techniques provide a window of opportunity with improved pain and range of motion, it’s therapeutic exercise that utilizes that opportunity to regain strength, speed healing, and resolve harmful compensations that you’ve developed. Ultimately, movement is the best medicine for most of the ailments we see.

Acupuncture close up


Dry needling, or intramuscular therapy, is a technique designed to help treat musculoskeletal or myofascial pain. It involves inserting a small needle into specific areas called ‘trigger points.’ These ‘trigger points’ or more appropriately labeled "tender points" are tender, irritable spots in fascia and muscles, and palpable nodules in taut bands of tissue. The results are often immediate and noticeable improvements in both pain, range of motion, and your ability to move.



A new, cutting-edge treatment called Blood Flow Restricted Training (BFR) has been found to improve muscular strength even in the presence of pain and other limiting symptoms.

BFR training involves the application of a specialized tourniquet system to partially occlude blood flow to the injured limb. Light exercise is then performed for 5-10 minutes. Under this hypoxic (no oxygen) environment, large, fast-twitch muscle fibers are recruited. This allows patients to make greater strength gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on muscles and joints. BFR training is a proven treatment that allows patients to safely improve strength while recovering from an injury.



“Body tempering” is a form of soft tissue mobilization performed by rolling weighted cylinders across muscles and joints. Similar to foam rolling, research supports its ability to create temporary improvements in mobility. 

When performed properly, body tempering is more intense than foam rolling without being more painful. The athlete feels significant pressure, but the large surface area of the cylinder disperses it. As with any passive mobility technique, we want to follow it up with active movements to help “lock-in” the mobility changes we get. The roller works great for those with tight calves, hamstrings, and lower back muscles.

Online Workout


Don't live nearby? Work Off-Site with Dr. Jared! With Remote Training, clients do not need to be On-Site with Dr. Jared. We can work with you anywhere in the world!

As an off-site client, you can expect a personalized service that provides an individualized program and a coach who prescribes exercise selection, structures training, nutritional and lifestyle guidance to help you reach your goals from anywhere in the world.

CrossFit Class


Designed to promote and enhance your health and fitness, our group classes at CrossFit Austin are programmed to build a solid foundation of strength, aerobic capacity, and skill. While focusing on proper mechanics and movement quality over intensity, we work with you at your level and lead you through workouts that are scalable yet can be made as challenging as necessary based on the individual. Our group classes also include a greater degree of intensity and complexity with gymnastics, Olympic lifting, sprinting, plyometrics, etc. programmed regularly.

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