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Woman Receiving Acupuncture


Each session of dry needling will begin with mapping the body of painful or tender areas causing discomfort. This may include previous areas found in earlier sessions and new areas that show up during the current session. We ask that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing so we can access all the areas we need to during our session of intramuscular therapy.

Each needle is pre-packaged in a sterilized tube that is used only once for each area and the skin is prepped with an alcohol rub. Once the tender point is found, the needle is inserted into the muscles where the tender point is. A local twitch response is not uncommon which is brief. There may be some discomfort with the insertion of the needle, but most needle insertions are painless for most people.

Your feedback will be critical to help guide our treatment to ensure the most effective treatment. At the end of treatment, we will re-evaluate the previous motions that were painful prior to treatment. We often find a very noticeable change in range of motion and pain levels.

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